Thursday, 7 July 2016


Sadly my last workshop with the amazing WISP Warriors but very excited about our Southside #wispwarriors installation and launch celebration next Wednesday (13th July).  We will be in Southside from 12.30pm, looking up (hopefully!!) at our wonderful, large scale printed artwork above Boots and Argos. Please come along and meet us if you are in the area to celebrate the end of an exciting project.  I am sure WISP Warriors will go from strength to strength next term but I wish all the students that I have worked with the best of luck with their future creative lives.  You were all fantastic throughout this project and I will miss you very much!
Sam Haynes, Lead Artist

Monday, 4 July 2016


Thanks to all the brilliant Southside shoppers who came to join us at the #wispwarriors 'art shop' on Saturday 25th June!  Zaid, Ricky-Lee, Zeba and temporary WISP warrior (Zeba's cousin) Faiz, all did a fantastic job drawing people into the workshop and helping to create some great collages,  working alongside the most wonderful Wandsworth public! Can't wait to see the giant print that is going to appear very soon above Boots and Argos, featuring the WISP students artwork alongside some of the collages created at Southside. 

'It was an amazing experience. I loved it!' Zaid

'This is a fantastic place to be with children.  Wonderful people. Lots of fun!!! Love it. It's great. Good interaction.' Southside 'shopper'

'It was enjoyable and I think we should do more events like this!!! 
Your favourite student, Ricky-Lee'

'I know this project will be a success. I look forward to seeing the result.  Thank you for the amazing time that reminded me to believe in myself!' Southside 'shopper'

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


WISP Warriors getting ready for the family workshop at Southside this Saturday!

Trying to draw a hash tag in bubble writing #####

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Southside Collage - Week 2


'We made colourful explosions!' Fawwaz

'I think our work helps us to know each other.' Natasha

'I like it, yes!' Thaynara

'I like being in the clouds, looking down on everyone.' Zeba


'This was the best lesson I've done at WISP'. Zaid
'Was a nice experience and too much fun.' Rehman
'It was very good.' Konstantinos


Tuesday, 7 June 2016

...using very tasty Osborne and Little Wallpaper!

'Today we worked as a group because we had to make a collage for the Southside artwork.  We can't wait for it!!!'
Natasha, Vanessa, Judith, Yanae and Zeba

'Today was a fun art day.' Zeba 

'The work was really good.' Cashmar

'I enjoyed designing and making effects on our work today.'  Ricky-Lee

Monday, 6 June 2016


Hot on the heels of our festival success, WISP Warriors visit Southside shopping centre to see where their large scale graphic is going to be installed in July, taking some great photos for their new artwork along the way ...